Best Brisbane Wedding Venues with Wet Weather Options

April 28, 2023

Murphy’s law dictates that “what can go wrong, will go wrong.”


As much as we hate to admit it, planning a wedding takes more than just one plan for everything. You will have to be flexible and open to compromise, especially when things don’t go your way on the day. 


Weather will always be found at the top of every couple’s list of concerns, because a perfect day means having the perfect weather – immaculate sunshine and clear blue skies. This is especially true for those who are holding an outdoor ceremony. 


But what do you do if the clouds are gray and heavy, and thunder is unmistakably crashing in the distance hours before you are to walk down the aisle? What’s going to save your day is a Plan B.


Different venues provide different features, pros and cons as you may. So it is important to choose one that can accommodate both your main plan and your back up plan, in the unlikely event that you do have to switch. A lot of things have to be considered, especially if you are after a specific time of day for the ceremony to unfold. Consider the lighting, the view, the whole ambiance if you may. But another thing you should definitely consider, how the venue fairs in not fair weather. 


Factory 51 Wedding

Factory 51

Factory 51 is a wedding venue that stands out from the rest. The stunning red brick walls, polished concrete floors, and exposed steel beams all come together to successfully create a chic and rustic atmosphere that is perfect for any modern wedding. 

One of the major advantages of Factory 51 is its versatility. With its unique indoor spaces that are styled with elegance but also boast a warm ambiance, couples can plan their big day with confidence, regardless of the weather forecast. The venue can hold a beautiful ceremony and a stunning reception all in one place. Its industrial features make it a standout choice for couples looking for something special, and no matter what the weather brings, the wedding day can proceed without a hitch.


Howard Smith Wharves Wedding

Howard Smith Wharves

Nestled along the Brisbane River in Queensland is Howard Smith Wharves, an idyllic wedding venue known for its historical allure and modern elegance. This impressive location offers a variety of event spaces from rustic charm of indoor halls to breathtaking outdoor landscapes, each exhibiting a unique allure and versatility. Regardless of your guest count, whether it’s a small intimate ceremony or a grand festive celebration, every corner of this venue is capable of transforming into your envisioned fairytale backdrop.

What sets Howard Smith Wharves apart is not just the aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also the professional and expert catering service it provides. The in-house culinary team is renowned for its commitment to delivering fine dining experiences tailored to your palate. From stylish canapés to sumptuous sit-down dinners, every meal is prepared with utmost attention to detail, ensuring a culinary experience your guests won’t soon forget. Another noteworthy aspect is its capability as an ideal wet weather venue – the dedicated and proficient team ensures a smooth transition to a comfortable indoor setting at a moment’s notice, eliminating any weather-related worries. At Howard Smith Wharves, your dream wedding becomes a reality, wrapped in the perfect blend of historic charm, modern elegance, and unparalleled service.


The Refinery Wedding

The Refinery

As a wedding venue, The Refinery is one of sophistication and style. Its urban, monochromatic look is just swoon-worthy, and the elegant yet minimalist design provides the perfect canvas for couples to create their dream wedding. Going with a space that is so customizable allows couples to add their own personal touches to truly make it their own and tell their story in the best way. And with both indoor and outdoor options available, couples can rest assured that they can continue to celebrate with their guests in warmth and comfort in the case of unexpected wet conditions. 

Not only is The Refinery a beautiful venue, but it also offers a stress-free wedding planning experience. With an experienced team of wedding planners and vendors available, couples don’t have to worry because every detail will be taken care of. From catering to decor, everything is thoughtfully planned out and tailored to the couple’s needs to ensure a seamless day.


Sirromet Winery Wedding


If you’re looking for a picturesque and romantic wedding venue, look no further than Sirromet Winery. This boutique winery, located in Redland City just south of Brisbane, offers both indoor and outdoor spaces with breathtaking views that allows for unlimited photo opportunities.The venue is perfect for both intimate and grand weddings, and the natural beauty of the surroundings adds a special touch to any ceremony and on-site reception. 

Sirromet ticks all the boxes, because they offer two unique ceremony locations with exclusive reception areas. Couples can exchange their vows by a lagoon surrounded by gorgeous waterlilies, then have a fine dining experience and enjoy delicious wine at their impressive Barrel Hall. Whether you’re planning a summer or winter wedding, Sirromet Winery is the perfect choice for a stunning and unforgettable day.


The Lussh Wedding

The Lussh

The Lussh is a venue that harmoniously weaves the charm of the old with the sophistication of the new, creating an enchanting backdrop for your wedding day. The venue is imbued with a timeless aura, where historic features such as exposed brick walls and rustic wooden beams gracefully blend with modern design elements like polished concrete floors and sleek lighting fixtures. This unique fusion not only offers an appealing canvas for your wedding photos but also provides a captivating ambiance that adds an extra layer of magic to your celebration.

Moreover, The Lussh has a distinctive advantage when it comes to weather unpredictability, making it a perfect wet weather option. It has spacious and well-lit indoor spaces that are as captivating as the outdoor ones, featuring a variety of architectural details and charming decor. With The Lushh, you can rest assured that your wedding day will proceed smoothly and beautifully, regardless of the weather outside.


We can’t stress enough just how important it is to have a PLAN B while you are still in the planning stage. Even so, you certainly don’t need to let wet weather dampen your celebration. Some of our most magical shots were taken in the rain! 

The venue is one of the first things that couples book, so having a backup plan in mind ensures that you will have a worry-free day and can enjoy it to the fullest!